About Chardicraft....

Cammy Hardister started Chardicraft a small online business based in California in 2001. She was looking for a way to make some extra spending cash while being able to stay home with her 2 young children. Cammy (with the encouraging of her husband) decided to put her creative side to work. Sewing & machine embroidery became her passion, the ability to create many different items to sell was boundless. The children may now be grown but the love for owning her own little crafting business has grown right along with them.

From the owner:

"There is room for everyone in the world of crafting. Every individual has a creative side that someone out there is looking for. For me, that special something is sewing & machine embroidery. I love creating special items & working with new potential customers. They come to me looking for that (something special) for their particular occasion. I very much enjoy the creative freedom that having my own little hobby business has given me. I look forward to each new customer & venture that comes my way in my particular specialty".

UPDATE: On August 19, 2018 Cammy's only beloved son was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. He was just 23 years old. She and her family are devastated at the sudden loss of him and this business has now taken on a new meaning for her. A percentage of proceeds from each sale is now put into a private fund to go towards giving gifts to children. Whether it's purchasing a birthday cake or a Christmas gift it is her way of honoring her son as he loved to put a smile on a child's face every chance he got. He loved kids!

A website is in the works if you care to visit and read her story. More details to come when the website is launched at a later date.

I sold on eBay and Etsy for many years with great feedback. Though I no longer sell on eBay and have a very small presence on Etsy, rest assured,

I stand behind what I do and my customers appreciate me for it.